A dream not interpreted is like a letter not read. – The Talmud


the Messages in Your Dreams”

When you look for dream analysis and dream interpretation services online, the going rates range from about $2 to an incredible $20 per MINUTE. We all dream every night and every dream has meaning. There has to be a better and less costly way to tap into the messages that our dreams bring to us.

Let Dreamwork Facilitator Help You Interpret Your Dream

Do you recall a dream or dream images that recur or that you feel carry a significant and meaningful message for you?

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Provide as much detail as you can recall in the Dream Description. Be sure to include:

  • Any colors or sounds you see or hear in the dream
  • Any emotions you feel during the dream
  • Whether people and places in the dream are familiar or unknown to you
  • Whether you participate in the dream or just watch.

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