“There is no wrong way to work with your dreams.”  – Dr. Michael Lennox


Thirty years ago, when I started working with my dreams, I had no idea how to go about it.

I decided to use what I call the “John Powell” method.  I relied upon his wise advice “If you don’t know the answer; live the question.”

I would pick out the main symbol(s) in the dream; and reflect on it throughout the following day.

What could this symbol represent?

Eventually, its meaning would reveal itself to me.  This would take two or three days with most dream symbols.

I would then experience what Jeremy Taylor refers to as the “aha moment” that occurs when you have made a connection with what a symbol represents.

Over time, the process “quickened” to a point where I could understand most symbols before the end of the following day.

Except for those oddly elusive ones which would capture my attention for a much longer period of time before  its deeper meaning would be revealed to me – either by the dreams that followed; or by a future event in my life.